• 2013-10-19-MARLANGO

What an amazing concert of Marlango in an special place that it is the Jofre’s Theatre in Ferrol, Galicia.

2013-10-12 MARLANGO

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The new album with songs singed in spanish in the voice of Leonor Watling.

Sensual, strong and so nice is listen to this band in a live music concert.

Pelayo, the other half of the band, is the responsible of many letters, was an amazing artist with the piano’s theatre that day, he was like a child with a toy with it and it could be shown in the fantastic sound and the enthusiasm moments he was living like playing. Oscar Ybarra wasn’t there.

There was playing the guitar the new guy is from Coruña.

Video for the new single «Hold Me Tight» taken of the forthcoming record «The Electrical Morning» by the spanish band MARLANGO, directed by LUIS CERVERÓ and produced by NANOUK Films and COMMON Films. Production by MÓNICA BLAS & OSCAR ROMAGOSA.

The concert was so funny, they enjoyed being so close to the people like me, that were listening to them in the Theatre with jokes and telling us special moments while driving to Galicia, writing the letters, situations with their families, etc….

I do prefer to listen to her singing in english, I love her voice and pronuciation but, for sure, it doesn’t matter the language… she is a really nice singer and actress. Last video they filmed «Lo que sueñas vuela» is not a simple video clip it’s a mix in between cinema and music worlds. It had the premier in the Festival de Cine de San Sebastián last 28th of September, Leonor, Pelayo and Oscar record it with many friends and work partners, other great actors like Maribel Verdú, Juan Diego Botto, Nur Levi and Eloy Azorín

Few years ago I lived in Crete for one year and I could feel so nice and learn a lot of things, culture, gastronomy, friendship, studies, emotions,…

And, every breakfast we had, coffee and «tostadas» in the owen with olive oil, me and my friend Pepe used to listen to Muse and Marlango.

Madness, Enjoy the ride…

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Cause every moment is amazing just feeling it, I want to keep on feeling every instant of all of my life!

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